Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen People’s Choice

The People’s Choice winner will be announced at the Miss New Jersey’s Outstanding Teen Pageant on January 27, 2018.


Vote for your winner – $1 per vote

To vote – click on the name of your choice.





      Vote for:  Alaina Marie Murphy







Vote for: Julianna Cauterucci 










Vote for: Emily Janet Cooney











Vote for: Samantha McConaghy











Vote for: Maggie DePhillips











Vote for: Emily Cooney











Vote for: Hailey Ferry











Vote for: Alexandra Nicole Hughes











Vote for: Gabriela Collins











Vote for: Jessica Wong











Vote for: Alyssa Lego










Vote for: Paige Catherine Andersen










Vote for: Meadow Paliotta












Vote for: Marina Elizabeth Clifford










Vote for: Molly Marie Pugliese











Vote for:  Brynn McKinney











Vote for: Isabella Freund











Vote for: Madelyn Hays










Vote for: Taylor Swanger











Vote for: Shelby Ritterson







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